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Specialty Products
Industrial Vegetation Management

Industrial Vegetation Management

Products are available for industrial sites (e.g., power line right of ways) or to manage vegetation that require bare ground (e.g., roadsides, manufacturing/warehousing sites).

Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments

BEI Hawaii offers a variety of soil conditioners to improve your soil, potting media, or rootzone media:

  • Peat moss and peat mixes
  • Bark products – decorative bark and orchid bark
  • Mulches and composts
  • Clay amendments
Erosion Control

Erosion Control Products

We provide erosion control products, such as wood hydro-mulch and erosion control blankets, to help customers stabilize soil movement in new construction areas.


Clay Amendments & Cinder

  • Clay amendments for baseball fields and sports fields
  • Cinder for planting media and sports fields
Sand and Aggregates

Sand & Aggregates

  • Golf course USGA rootzone sands for new construction and maintenance, as well as bunker sand and liners
  • Sports field sand and clay amendments
  • Cinder for planting media and sports fields